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Kadambam restaurant

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I have always liked Iyengari food. I grew up in south Karnataka and was always around  Tamilian families and friends. As a result, I got to taste the traditional Iyengari cuisine from a very young age. I love their rasams and sambars, but Puliyogare holds a special place in my heart, or should I stay stomach? Over the years, my Mom learnt to make yummy rasam and sambar and that has been passed on to me. Puliyogare is something which my Mom could never make to my liking and sadly, I can’t either.

One place in Bangalore where you get authentic Puliyogare is Kadambam. It was a nice, little restaurant in Jayangar, 3rd block, oppposite NMKRV college. Unfortunately, they closed a few years back and I have been yearning for their Puliyogare ever since. Now a days with this strong craving for Puliyogare, I had to find a place which could satisfy my taste buds. Call it divine intervention or my sheer luck, I saw this ad of Kadambam restaurant in the newspaper. I was so thrilled. So, the very next weekend itself, I and hubby made a trip to this old restaurant in a new location.

Their present outlet on Bull temple road does not the have the same homely atmosphere. Everything else is pretty much the same – same tables and chairs, self service, same menu, higher prices indicating the changing times. All I hoped for was the same Puliyogare taste. I ordered some sweet pongal to go with the tangy rice. Yum… the puliyogare hadn’t changed even a bit – even the amount of curd they serve with it was the same! Sweet pongal was good as ever, a yummy blend of rice and jaggery. The craving was satisfied and I came back home with a grin on my face.

It would be unfair if I don’t mention their other dishes. Their Akki rotti, Ragi rotti have alwyas been appreciated. Veg pulav is another dish I like. It is a bit spicy for my taste, but it’s good nevertheless. Sweet pongal is for your sweet tooth and it’s delicious. Even a dish as simple as curd rice becomes yummy in Kadambam. Of course, their mini meal is always there – filling and reasonably priced.

If you haven’t been to Kadambam before, then this is a place you should definitely visit. Try the Puliyogare on my recommendation.


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August 14, 2008 at 12:14 pm

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Paan ice cream: Punjabi Times

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Punjabi Times has been around for some time now and everybody in the south of Bangalore knows about it and has been there at least once. For those who don’t, Punjabi Times is a Punjabi restaurant on Bannerghatta Road, opposite Shoppers Stop.

I had heard a lot about this restaurant and went there to try it out myself. For starters, we ordered Tandoori vegetables – assorted vegetables cooked in tandoor. It was delicious – the vegetables just melted in my mouth! The main course had to be Paratha. They offer a wide variety – aloo, gobi, matar, methi, pyaaz etc. Pyaaz paratha with a cup of curd and pickles was too good. I didn’t like the gobi paratha that much.

The best part of the meal has to be Paan ice cream. I didn’t know what to expect when I ordered it. It is a pista colored ice cream with pieces of brown supari in it. It was yummy, it was as if I was eating an actual paan. I don’t think it was ‘flaovred’, there were actual paan ingredients in it. After you eat this, you don’t need to eat paan. The taste stays in your mouth for a long time.

This is not a review of Punjabi Times. This is a post for those people who don’t know about the Paan icecream offered there. Even if you don’t eat a meal there, do eat the icecream. It is a rarity and an absolute must.

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April 25, 2008 at 6:10 am

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