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Since the time N started school, it has been a big task for me to find different ideas for his lunch box. The usual roti-subzi, boiled eggs, upma, bread-jam choices ran out in the first few days and now that the items are repeating, N is bored and so am I. Naturally, the hunt for recipes began and I spotted this little book in my library the other day: Tiffin Treats for Kids by Tarla Dalal. It was exactly what I was looking for: kid-friendly recipes which can be packed.

I read the book cover to cover and noted down some recipes and had to try one at that very moment. ‘Moong Dal Cricpies’ is what Madam Dalal likes to call it. It is made of moong dal and aata, how more nutritious can it get! One could add vegetables or leafy vegetables to make it even more nutritious. It does not take much time, not considering the soaking time of 30 minutes. This recipe uses very few, easily available ingredients, it is easy to customize and quick to make.

There are many recipes like this which caught my attention. Bread Pakoda, Khakra, Vegetable Pancake, Pasta, Sandwich, Fried Rice and what not. N is not much into spicy food, so most of these wouldn’t suit him, but I can always alter the recipe to suit N. The only thing pending is to plan and try out all these recipes and surprise N with a new item in box everyday.

Apart from the tasty recipes, what I really liked about the book is its layout. A full page picture of the food item on the left side and the recipe for the same on the right, so that when you are reading or making the recipe, you know how the end product should look like. I hate it when I see recipes and there is a footnote at the end which says photo on Page blah-blah. You can involve your kids in making some of these recipes, which is a double bonanza for mothers like me, whose kids are very much into cooking.  There is another book by the same author Cooking With Kids which would be great for N. I am waiting until he grows a bit older before trying out this book.


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July 29, 2011 at 11:08 am

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