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It’s been a while since I blogged about N, so here are some random things about him.

1. He talks and talks and talks. He can form short sentences and hold a pretty decent conversation with anyone. He can sing almost all songs that I sing to him – lullabies, rhymes, anything at all. He has taught himself ‘Vakra tunda maha kaaya’ and recited this on Ganesha festival. We were thrilled! He knows all the stories now. If I miss a part in the story, he promptly tells me.

2. Whenever I am knitting something, he comes and asks me ‘Who is this for?’ If I say ‘you’, he is all happy. If the answer is anything else, he sulks and goes away. If he needs my attention when I am knitting something, he promptly says ‘No sweater’ and makes me stop knitting.

3. His favorite object is concrete mixer – the ones used in construction sites. He wants one but I have no idea where I can buy it. I mean the toy, of course!

4. He loves playing with kitchen items. Cooker, mixer pots, pans, pots, spoons – everything is in the kitchen. When I need something to cook, I need N’s permission to use it. He is so interested in cooking, he watches me attentively when I cook and knows some recipes by now. He can make omelette, rice, sambar, curry – all theoretical, of course. We think he will make a great chef!

5. We tried finger painting yesterday and N loved it. He loved the feel of wet paint on his hands.  He was surprised that I didn’t stop him from getting his hands dirty. I too loved the experience. It was as if I became a child again.


Written by A

October 4, 2010 at 7:13 am

Posted in Baby Update

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