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We took N to the doctor for his teething problems. N has been teething badly and doesn’t sleep well at all. On the way to the doctor, I had a chat with N and asked him to tell the doctor about the pain. I also told him that the doctor will ask him to open his mouth wide so that he can see his gums. N knows the story where Krishna opens his mouth and his mom sees ‘Brahmanda’ (world), so I used that story and said N also should open his mouth wide.

Cut to the clinic. N is plonked on the table. Doctor asks him ‘How are you N?’ Promptly comes the reply, “Hallu bou, galla bou, kai bou” which means ‘Teeth – pain, cheeks – pain, hand – pain”.  The doctor got his torch out and said, ‘Open your mouth’. N opened his mouth wide and after a second, he points to his open mouth and says ‘Brahmanda’! The doctor didn’t realize and when I told him the story, he laughed out loud. N and his Brahmanda!


Written by A

October 4, 2010 at 7:27 am

Posted in Baby Update

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