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That’s what my husband calls my son these days and that’s because my little kid has started talking like a popat or parrot. All the development has happened only in the last one week. It’s amazing how N built up his vocabulary from almost non-existent to double digits!

Amma (Mom) and Baba (Dad) were the first few words he learnt. Mama (Uncle) and Tata was also easy to master. Last Monday, he picked up so many words – Mami (Aunt), shu-shu (you know what that means), duddu (milk), No – all these words slowly started appearing from nowhere. I was surprised when he said ‘yummy’. You see, he has a book called Yummy and Yucky which categorizes things into yummy and yucky. Apple pie is yummy, mud pie is yucky. Burgers are yummy, bogeys are yucky and so on. So, randomly I asked N how is ice-cream and pat came the reply ‘yummy’. I was floored.

Some other words which he loves to repeat on and on. Dabbi (box – BTW, boxes are his favorite playthings ever. Give him a few boxes and he is the happiest kid on earth) and hoova (flower). My sister-in-law gave him a kitchen set and ever since he has been making ‘Kaapi’ with it. He says it in a typical Tamilian accent and it is so cute to hear him say that. The moment I come back from work, he gets busy making ‘Kaapi’. He balances a cup and saucer in his tiny hands and hands it over to me. I will take a sip and before I take another one, he wants the cup back!

I was having breakfast and there was salt kept on the dining table. He points to it and says ‘u-hu’. It took me sometime to understand that he was saying ‘uppu’ (salt in Kannada). I laughed till my stomach hurt. His Dad was telling him something about going on a ride on his bicycle and immediately he apes his Dad ‘cy-cle’. The words are not as crystal clear, but he definitely said cycle.

My mom has been taking care of N since day one. I keep asking him to call her ‘Ajji’ but it’s too difficult for him. So, he has a code word for Ajji and that is ‘tu-ta’. No connection whatsoever, but that is his choice. The funny thing is he changes this code word on the fly. Yesterday, he started calling my mom as ‘ba-bi’. My mom has to understand what is the code word of the day and respond appropriately. The demands of this child, I tell you!

Just one week back, N was blabbering meaningless words. And today, he has an impressive vocabulary and he is adding to it every minute of the day. My little toddler is growing up and how! I don’t know why, but this realization gives me goosebumps.


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April 15, 2010 at 6:38 am

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  1. Soooo cute….. Wait for a couple of more days…He would try to say a lot more…I ahve to agree, the first time R started recognizing ‘Kelloggs corn flakes with Iron shakthi’ in the shop, i was tongue tied…


    April 19, 2010 at 7:14 am

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