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Kanda Churmure

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Kanda Pohe is a ubiquitous dish found in every Maharashtrian house. If you have unexpected guests or that all important first meeting of probable wedding or you don’t know what to make for breakfast, you end up making Kanda Pohe. It is a simple dish which is made in every kitchen but named differently. Avallaki or poha or flattened rice is soaked for a couple of minutes and is given a seasoning of mustard seeds, curry leaves and green chillies. A dash of lemon and a bit of corainder and it is ready to be relished.  I have eaten so many plates of Kanda Pohe that I am sick and bored of it. I wanted another dish which is as simple to make and yet as tasty as this. The result is Kanda Churmure. It is not my invention but my mom’s. Just replace poha with churmura (puffed rice) and you are done.

This is very similar to Kanda Pohe except for one ingredient – garlic. Traditionally, Kanda Pohe does not include garlic but this ingredient is a must for Kanda Churmure. The combination of churmura and garlic is really good. Tomato or potato is an optional ingredient in Kanda Poha, but they might not go well with Kanda Churmura. I haven’t tried it, so you can try and let me know.

There is a variety of churmura available in the market. The plain, salted version works out the best for this recipe. The spiky ones (called murmura) are too thin and become soggy.

Kanda Churmure
Serves 2

4 cups Churmura or Puffed Rice
1 large Onion finely chopped
7-8 Garlic cloves
3-4 Green Chillies finely chopped
6-7 Curry Leaves
1/2 tsp Mustard Seeds
A pinch of Asafoetida
1/2 tsp Turmeric
Coriander Leaves minced
1 tbsp Oil
Salt to taste. Note that the salted churmura retains some salt content even after being washed. So, add salt with caution.
1 Lemon cut into quarters

1. Take Churmura in a big vessel and add water until you cover all the churmura. Let this sit for 4-5 minutes and transfer it to a sieve. Allow the water to drain out completely.
2. Heat oil in a saute pan and add the tempering – mustard seeds (wait till they splutter), asafoetida, finely chopped garlic, curry leaves, green chillies and turmeric.
3. Add the finely chopped onion and fry them until they turn golden brown.
4. Add the churmura and mix well. Close the lid.
5. Cook for 4-5 min on medium heat stirring occasionally. Add Salt.
6. Serve hot with a piece of lemon. Garnish with coriander. Add your choice of farsan or sev. Enjoy!


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April 13, 2010 at 9:24 am

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