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Wondering what the title means? This is the word that N has taken a fascination to. He loves this word so much that he uses it in place of anything and everything. I have no idea how he picked up this word and why, but he knows that every time he says ‘Dalda’ we all are amused and that is reason enough for him to say it again and again.

We took N for an outing last weekend. For lack of better options, we took him to Total mall where they have a small section for kids. Be it the lake in BTM layout or the gardens, there are lots of options in south Bangalore, where we used to live earlier. Comparatively, this Outer Ring Road area has no such options for kids. This children’s section in Total mall has rides for toddlers, video games for older ones and so on. N sat in a train ride and loved it. He even tried his hand at the steering wheel. Was he mimicking his dad there? There were lots of kids around and N thoroughly enjoyed looking at them and trying to befriend them.

The best part of the outing was the fountain.  Ever since the temperature has gone up in Bangalore, he spends some time in his inflatable pool everyday. He splashes the water on himself and on the people around, dances in it and has lots of fun. I was mentioning to my husband that may be we should put him in a toddlers’ swimming class but the only concern was if he will feel uncomfortable putting his head inside the water. No sooner than I said this, N proudly put his head in the water, stayed there for a couple of seconds and came up with a triumphant expression on his face, as if asking me, “You were saying something?” My little one loves water and that is an understatement. So, coming back to the fountain, N was fascinated with it. He stared and stared at the water splashing and wanted to get wet under that. We had to forcefully take him away and what a tantrum he threw! This young guy knows what tantrums are and how they are useful in getting your way.

There was a little girl prancing around in pigtails and he called out to her ‘Akka’ meaning sister in Kannada. There was a small baby sleeping in his mother’s arms and N recognized him as ‘paapa’, a baby. A slightly older boy was playing with his toy car and N knows it is ‘Dada’ – brother. I have never taught him these things, but N can clearly recognize girls and boys. I wonder how.

N has made up his own sign language. We never teach him these things, but he has a sign for everything. Car, water, food, baby, milk, sleep, questions (why, where, what) – all these have their own sign in N’s language. He uses these intelligently to convey his message to us. I am amazed at the human brain!

Do you know how ice cream tastes? Ask N and he will say ‘yum-yum’. We were walking around in the mall and N saw a guy buying ice-cream. He points out to it and says ‘yum-yum’. That guy was so surprised that he asked my husband, ‘ This kid, so young, knows ice-cream?’ All we could do was grin and nod.

Our first outing with N was a great success. We plan to take him to Yelagiri, a hill station near Bangalore, this weekend. I am sure he will like the place, but am not so sure how he will take the 3-hour drive. If only he liked cartoons and animated movies,  I could have taken the laptop and some DVDs and made him watch those on the way. I am planning to pack some toys and books to make the journey bearable for him. Any other ideas? This is the first time we are taking him on a vacation. Hope things go well!


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April 1, 2010 at 6:23 am

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  1. Terrific blog.


    December 7, 2011 at 7:23 pm

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