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That’s N in action (walking), wearing my handknit Pebble vest. I made one for Anya, Rima’s daughter, liked it a lot and had to make another one for N.

N is 11 months old. Some highlights:

1. Standing and walking came back to back. Ninu learnt to stand independently and just after a few days, he started to walk. ‘He walks’ is an understatement, more like ‘he runs’. He is so thrilled to walk, he hardly walks on fours now. He is proud to be on twos, more adult like.

2. I finally solved the disturbed sleep problem. I used to take him to the park in the evening, which was very close to his bedtime. He was getting overstimulated and thus the disturbed sleep at night. I started taking him to play earlier in the day and that has given all of us some much needed sleep.

3. He is cutting two bottom teeth. Yay!

4. N tasted ice-cream for the first time and did he love it! The cold feeling on his gums and tongue was something totally new for him. He couldn’t stand the cold factor, but he loved the taste a lot.

5. He got his first proper haircut. I had a beauty parlor lady come over to my place. I was very sure he wouldn’t cry. I was more worried about his restlessness, which did give the parlor lady a hard time. In the end, the experience was good. I won’t worry about his next haircut.

6. N says “Amma” now. Isn’t that great? It’s not like calling out or addressing me, but he has definitely learnt the word. Hurray.

7. Separation anxiety is at its peak. Its worse at night. I am starting full-time job next week and I am not looking forward to it. N has gelled well with his nanny and my mom is here for a few days, so things should be fine. Keeping fingers crossed.

8. Curd rice is his favorite food right now. It works every single time.

9. He started identifying a lot of things. Clock, diya, book, donkey (his stuffed toy), rice, chapati and so on. You just have to ask him ‘how does the clock go?’ and he waves his finger to say ‘tick tock, tick tock’. We have a clock with a pendulum and that’s the reason behind his action.

10. His earrings are off, so he looks more boyish, though I still have to answer ‘No, it’s a boy’ many times even now.

11. I saw a new face of his when we went to stay over at my mom’s place. My brother has a 7 month old boy and N likes him a lot. He can’t stand it if I, my hubby or my mom play with him. Possessiveness in all its ugly form! I had enough after two days. We cut short our stay.


Written by A

November 12, 2009 at 3:56 pm

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  1. Such a cute photo! And so many milestones! Congratulations!! My son too has started getting his lower two teeth (its a little early – he is a little over 7 months old). I am waiting for him to crawl/stand/walk.. – everyone tells me life is going to be harder after that :).

    And good luck as you start your job.



    November 15, 2009 at 8:15 am

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