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So, what’s awesome about me?

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Munchkin’s mom from The Munchkin Blog tagged me to write about seven awesome things about me. Now, if the tag was about seven awful things, I would have blogged about it in no time, but since it is about awesome things, I took so long to finally get around to jotting it down. I turned to my hubby for ideas, but he wasn’t of any help. I guess he thinks there is nothing awesome about me. Sigh!

Okay, here goes. (Why am I suddenly so self-conscious!)

1. I am a quick learner. I grasp things really easily. I am quite good at it picking up a new technique or a new skill. I learnt knitting and crocheting all by myself and am quite good at them and that brings us to the second awesome thing about me.

2. I am quite good at knitting. You want proof? Okay, let me shed my inhibition and say I am a very good knitter. I am proud of myself that I learnt this skill on my own and even mastered it.

3. I am flexible, body wise. I have been working out in a gym on and off since 7-8 years. I have gone to 4-5 different gyms in these years and every time my instructor told me that my body is flexible. I can do crunches, sit ups, stretches with ease. How I wish I was a few inches leaner!

4. My pain threshold is high. I had a bad case of RSI (Reptetive Stress Syndrome) and had severe neck pain. I underwent physiotherapy to treat that and the lady who used to treat me was amazed that I can handle so much of pressure. She was the first person who brought it to my notice that my pain threshold is higher than average. This was proved once again when I went through 20 hours of labor with no pain relief.

5. I am a fast reader. I can finish a big book in no time, provided it’s interesting. I finished The Eyre Affair in half a day.

6. I am good with kids. No, honestly. And this was even before my own baby arrived. I know how to play with babies and kids. I know what interests them, how to console them, distract them and entertain them. This has been proved on numerous occasions. There is a shy, little girl in my mom’s neighborhood and she hardly talks to anyone, but the first time we met, we both had a blast. She even invited me to her room to look at her teddy. Her mom was shocked! Till this day, the little girl who is not so little anymore comes running to me whenever I visit my mom.

7. I am particularly proud of my knowledge of Hindi film music. I have been listening to Lata, Asha, Kishore and Rafi since childhood and my interest only deepened with age and was further increased after marrying another Hindi film music aficionado.

People who know me can either agree or refute this.


Written by Anaamica

August 25, 2009 at 12:01 pm

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