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The Indian Vegetarian 100 Meme

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I am taking up this meme started by Nupur.

If you wish to play along,

  • Copy the entire list, along with these instructions, into your blog post
  • Bold the foods that you have tried
  • Strike out the foods you would never try
  • Tell us your score in the comments
  • If you wish to, make your own list or add to this one
  • I am retaining the links, you need not do that

Indian Vegetarian 100

1. Ripe mangoes
2. Curd rice
3. Chaat
4. Phulka
5. Puran poli
6. Boiled peanuts
7. Samosa
8. Stuffed baby eggplants

9. Aviyal
10. Stuffed paratha
11. Masala chai

12. Tirphal
13. Murukku
14. Curry leaves
15. Banana chips fried in coconut oil
16. Jaggery
17. Vada pav
18. Tender coconut water
19. Paneer
20. Madras filter coffee

21. Boondi laddoo
22. Boondi raita
23. Navratan korma
24. Kokum
25. Masala peanuts
26. A home-cooked Indian vegetarian meal
27. Sugarcane juice
28. Sabudana/sago in any form

29. Horsegram
30. Maggi noodles
31. Podi with rice and ghee
32. Roomali roti
33. Bitter gourd

34. Nylon sev
35. Vegetable biryani
36. Thali at a restaurant

37. Plantain flower
38. Undhiyu
39. Nimbu pani
40. Papad

41. Kotthu parotta
42. Panch phoran
43. Drumsticks
44. Indian “French toast”
45. Sarson ka saag
46. Bhakri
47. Pav bhaji
48. Sitaphal
49. Glucose biscuits

50. Sprouts
51. Chole-bhature
52. Amla

53. Tomato “omelet”
54. A wedding feast
55. Grilled corn on the cob with lemon juice, salt and chilli powder
56. Cadbury’s fruit and nut chocolate

57. Sai bhaji
58. Solkadi
59. Indian-Chinese meal
60. Jalebi
61. Black forest cake
62. Bharwa bhindi
63. Kashmiri saffron
64. Misal

65. Ripe jackfruit
66. Idli-chutney

67. ‘Tadgola’
68. Bhut jolokia
69. Baby mango pickle
70. Meal off a banana leaf
71. Falooda
72. Moong khichdi

73. Bebinca
74. Daal baati
75. Methi greens
76. Basundi

77. Gunpowder
78. Appam-stew
79. Sweet lemon pickle

80. Ridge gourd
81. Bisi bele bhath
82. Coconut burfi

83. Caramel custard
84. Thecha
85. Rasam
86. Baingan bharta
87. Mysore pak

88. Punjabi wadi
89. Chhunda
90. Dal makhani
91. Paper dosa
92. Gongura
93. Hand-churned butter
94. Pakoda

95. Curd chillies
96. Mustard oil
97. Fresh cashews
98. Tomato pickle
99. Rajma-chawal
100. Chaas

My score is 84%. I think I got lucky because Nupur is Maharashtrian and most of the dishes on the list will be familiar to Maharashtrians or someone from North Karnataka, like me.

Sol kadhi is something that I have been wanting to try from a long time. The time hasn’t come yet. The best Rajma-chawal I had was in Kashmir. It was raining like crazy and we get into this small hut where we had steaming rice with spicy rajma. Yum! Wish I could have that again. I don’t think I will ever try caramel custard because I don’t like custard in any form and shape.

Some of the things which I would have liked to see on the list:
1. Garlic Pickle
2. Gajar Halwa
3. Panha
4. Onion Pakoda
5. Kadhi
6. Puliyogare
7. Methi Usal
8. Dhinde. In short, it is jowar dosa. It involves a long procedure of soaking jowar for days and removing the husk and grinding it and fermenting and what not. All I know is it tastes  just heavenly. You got to try it atleast once.

There is a kind of fruit which I have seen only in Bangalore called ‘Panneerale hannu’ (rough translation yields ‘rose water fruit’) which has a slight fragrance of rose and is mildly sweet. One of my all time favorite fruits. Since I can’t find any reference to this fruit on the net, I am leaving this off the list.

I know there are many more dishes which I want to be on this list, but can’t recall them right now!

I am passing on this meme to Anu because I know she too is a foodie. Anu, are you game?


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May 18, 2009 at 1:10 pm

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