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Yes, my son is all of five months old, err, young. Last month saw a lot of changes in him.

The Good

1. He is visibly rounder. I got many compliments from other mothers that my son is looking rounder and his cheeks certainly chubbier. Needless to say, I am gloating.

2. He loves to eat. I tried banana, mango and musk melon and he loooooved all of them. He wants fruits all the time. I tried Ragi for the first time and he likes it so much that he doesn’t want his rice anymore. Sigh, the joys of motherhood!

3. He mastered crawling and he is learning to walk on all fours (ummm, what’s that called?). I am pretty sure he will learn this new art in a week or so.

4. My son got promoted. He became a big brother when my sister-in-law delivered a baby boy. Wow!

The Bad

1. He has learnt the power of crying, so he fakes it whenever he wants our attention. He even fakes coughing which looks so cute, you want to cuddle him then and there.

2. He knows when I dress him up, it’s time to go out. He gets so excited that his arms and legs won’t stop until we actually step out of the house. He cries non-stop in the evening if I don’t take him out.

3. Now that he has tasted better food, he doesn’t like his bottle milk so much. I have to try all my tricks to get him drink the milk. Soon, I will run out of tricks.

The Ugly

1. He had an ear infection which he is still recovering from. He had pain for three days. I just couldn’t see him like that. Thank God the painful days are over.


Written by Anaamica

May 7, 2009 at 12:42 pm

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