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Fastest Four

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Baby N is all of four months now. The fourth month has been the fastest so far. I just didn’t realize how it flew. It has also been the month which saw the most developments. Some of them are:

1. Baby N rolled over right after he entered the fourth month. Now he is an expert in rolling over. I put him down and before I blink, he is on his tummy. It is fun to watch him roll over. He lifts his buttock and his legs with hands stretched out in front and he turns to a side. As soon as his hand touches the floor, he is on his tummy. I am yet to take a video of this. It will be fun to watch when he grows up.

2. He took his first trip to his grandparents’ house. This was a 24-hours train journey and he was patient throughout. He didn’t trouble me at all. The day we came back, he slept like a log for 18 hours straight!

3. We got his ears pierced and his head shaved. He didn’t cry at all when he lost his hair, but cried a bit when his ears were pierced. The crying was more because I had his hands, legs and head held tightly.

4. He started to crawl! Isn’t that cool? This happened at my in-laws’ place, so his grandparents were very excited that they witnessed atleast one of his milestones.

5. His motor skills are much better now. He reaches out to anything that is close by and grasps it. He can hold a lightweight rattle in his hand and play with it forever.

6. Baby N discovered that he has hands. He stares at the black beads in his hands. He stares at his fingers, opens and closes his fist and is fascinated with it.

7. He also discovered that he has legs. He holds his big toe in his hand and tries to put it in his mouth. That is one comic thing to watch.

8. We experimented with semi-solids. He looooooves Cerelac. He can’t get enough of it. He likes fruits too – watermelon, chikku, grapes. Banana is up next.

9. He knows a stranger when he sees one. If he sees someone for the first time, he studies them with a lot of concentration and doesn’t go to them willingly. For the first time, he cried when my grandaunt tried to take him from me. Boy, this boy has preferences!

10. On a slightly less positive note, Baby N saw his first health complaint – stomach infection and it was quite bad. I suspected the newly introduced semi-solid diet, but it turned out to be false.  I am proud to say, even through this, he didn’t cry even once. My baby is an angel. Oh, touch wood.


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April 9, 2009 at 11:48 am

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