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One Two Three

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Two reasons for the title: First, my son is all of three months now. Yay for that! And he loves it when I say ‘One, Two, Three’. He giggles and giggles when I count while exercising his hands and legs during his daily massage.

The third month was a wonderful phase. My baby settled down to a schedule which is closer to   ours. He sleeps for 5 hours at a stretch during day time. That is when I get all my cooking, cleaning, reading, blogging and knitting done. In the night, he sleeps for 7 hours straight. This has been such a blessing for me. I don’t sleep in the day, so all I get is the night’s sleep. If I can sleep uninterrupted for 7 hours, I am as fresh as a flower.

This month saw him grow every single day. He has learnt to giggle. He laughs, coos, giggles, raises his eyebrows and he even blushes. He shows a strong preference for me. He wants me to hold him, cuddle and feed him. That makes me so proud of myself. There is at least one person for whom I mean the world.

This month is also special because it gave me the confidence that I can take care of my kid on my own. My mom has gone back to her mom-in-law duties, so it’s just me and my son now. I can manage the house  and the kid and still have some sanity by the end of the day, so that is an achievement for me.

Baby N finally rolled over. This should be strictly under the four months update, but what the heck, I am gloating, so I will post. Just when I had started worrying why he wasn’t even trying to roll over, out of the blue, he rolled over. Now that he has mastered this art, all he wants to do is roll over. Right after I put him down, he has rolled over. Phew, I am tired already!


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March 12, 2009 at 12:11 pm

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  1. […] 1. He had an ear infection which he is still recovering from. He had pain for three days. I just couldn’t see him like that. Thank God the painful days are over. Cross posted from my other blog. Previous updates are here and here. […]

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