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While the nation is still recovering from the twin bomb blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad, Bangaloreans don’t realize the gravity of the situation. Many live bombs were discovered in Ahmedabad and Surat which would have caused grave damage if they weren’t diffused. The inensity of the blasts in Bangalore was lesser and the casualties fewer compared to previous blasts in other parts of the country. Does that mean the situation is any better in our city?

Today’s newspaper carries a news about an ICICI employee who made prank calls about bomb blasts. His call was traced and he was arrested. If he is proven guilty, he can be sentenced to three years of imprisonement. What was this guy thinking when he made that call? Hasn’t he witnessed the panic on people’s faces as bomb blasts were reported? Didn’t he see that woman who helplessly died for no fault of hers? Hasn’t he seen the gruesome and disturbing photos of Ahmedabad blasts? Doesn’t he feel a shiver up his spine thinking about what future may hold for us? What if scenes of Mumbai bomb blasts are repeated here? Will he be alive to laugh at his prank? Would he make this prank call if his own kid was in that school in which he claimed to have found the bomb? This kind of disgusting act coming from an educated and responsible person is shameful.

Did we hear of such prank calls elsewhere in the country? Does that mean we Bangaloreans are any less responsible compared to other people? So far Bangalore has been lucky in terms of economy (thanks to software industry), weather, natural calamities and terrorist activity. Just because we Bangaloreans didn’t witness incidents similar to Mumbai bomb blasts, Godhra carnage, floods, earthquakes and Mumbai rain calamity, we need not be indifferent to such things.

We all saw how helpful Mumbai people were to one another during the rains. People offered food and shelter for total strangers. Any such incident in Mumbai and you know you can rely on others. People of Gujarat are uniting to fight terrorism. If such an incident happens in Bangalore, can we expect the same from our fellow citizens? No, because we are still working on handling people making prank calls. Shame on all of us. It is time we introspect and figure out why are we so different from the rest of the country and what we need to do to be more responsible towards ourselves and our fellow folks.


Written by Anaamica

July 31, 2008 at 6:43 am

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  1. very strong post and I cannot but agree with you. The day of the blast I was aghast by the behaviour of the people around me! they were making such crass remarks/ jokes that I was disgusted – felt like giving each one of them a tight slap!


    July 31, 2008 at 7:16 am

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