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Do good unto others

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We had a tiff with our parking lot neighbor the other day. We moved to a different house in the same apartment and hence we have been allotted a new parking space. We parked our car and two wheelers in our allotted space only to wake up the next day to a knock from the security guy saying the neighbor has complained that we are parking in her area. That was a shock, because we were very sure we weren’t doing any such thing.

We went to the parking area to get the matter sorted out. The lady walked in after a few minutes and started explaining to us that our two wheeler blocks her way. She ‘requested’ that we park it the other side, so that she can enter her parking area through OUR parking area. That is when it became clear to me that the lady went and ‘complained’ to the security because she wanted to make a ‘request’. Hmmm. I lost my cool and before my husband could say ‘Ok, we can park it that side’, I said ‘No, won’t do’. The lady, arrogant as she was, walked away with her nose high up in the air.

Later, I thought about the incident, and though I felt guilty for not helping her, I felt the lady deserved it. She wanted a help from us, she should have come to us and made a request. Instead, she goes to the security, shouts at him, creates a scene and then doesn’t even say PLEASE! Her mom definitely left out the lesson on politeness in her childhood. I could have helped her if I wanted to. If she hadn’t rubbed the wrong way, I would have definitely helped.

Then I read today’s Speaking Tree. After reading this I felt I lost an opportunity to follow ‘Be good to others even if they are bad to you’.

When I think about that snotty lady, I feel what I did was right. When I think ponder over it when I face myself in the mirror, I feel I should help her. To help or not to help? Just one of the many dilemmas that I face in this journey called life.


Written by Anaamica

July 15, 2008 at 7:40 am

Posted in Events, Life

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