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French Open 2008

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If I want to describe French Open 2008 in one word, then it has to be ‘Disappointing’. While Australian Open had nerve-wrecking matches like Nadal vs. Tsonga, Djokovic vs. Federer and of course the finals Djokovic vs. Tsonga, French Open had very little to offer to the viewers.

Most of us expected a Nadal vs. Federer finals, but I was hoping Djokovic will give a tough fight to Nadal. I thought this match will be better than the finals, but I was so wrong. Djokovic was nowhere as aggressive as he was in Australian Open and ATP Masters series. Nadal made almost no mistakes and he had an easy win. The finals was another disappointment altogether. Since when has Federer begun to lose a set 6-0? So all those rumours about Federer losing his steam is true? He did look tired and dejected in the finals. And where oh where is Tsonga? I was hoping he will play in the French Open atleast. After treating the viewers with the amazing semi and finals in Australian Open, he can’t just disappear!

The women’s front was disappointing even before the series began because of Henin’s retirement. She was my favorite among women and her retirement came as a surprise for me. She was so light footed on court and played her match so strategically. I was hoping to see her in action again this year, but she disappointed us all by pulling out. Surprisingly though, the women’s series was much better than the men’s, thanks to Dinara Safina. Her match against Sharapova has to be the best match of the series. When she was down by a match point in the second set, I almost knew she will lose. I didn’t wait till the match ended and switched to some other channel. I come back after a few minutes and what do I see? Safina actually went on to win! She tried hard in the finals but Ivanovic was too good for her. Ana Ivanovic has improved her game so much. There is a marked difference in her since the Australian Open against Sharapova. Talking about the latter, her game was floppy in French Open, to say the least.

The whole series was a huge disappointment. Let’s hope Wimbledon will be better. I have a feeling Federer will not retain his title. Any bets?


Written by Anaamica

June 10, 2008 at 9:46 am

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